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BigCow Software has developed many types of MLM software for a number of MLM companies worldwide since 2008. The deeply integrated MLM core-software architecture is now using by 100 plus MLM companies worldwide, total 10 millions plus members combined. It is one of the longest life Malaysia MLM Software and the most stable Malaysia MLM system in the market. After 10 years plus of development and upgrades, VYROX MLM software features are able to cover almost 100% requirements of any MLM plans on the market nowadays. Many of them have already expanded their MLM businesses to the international level using VYROX MLM software. The latest generation of VYROX MLM software is built on the most responsive and the most stable performance PHP frameworks named laravel and bootstrap.

MLM APP & WEB Interface

Both VYROX MLM APP and VYROX MLM WEB interfaces for members to manage and to do their MLM businesses at any place and any time. It provide seamless access to MLM member profiles, MLM visualized uplines & downlines, MLM billing, MLM invoicing, MLM bonus distributions, MLM incentives, new member activations, etc.

VYROX MLM software features are modular based, you may expand the software scale and upgrade the features while your MLM businesses growing. VYROX MLM software are ready to be integrated with smart-series hardware for memberships management and membership loyalty programs. We have developed VYROX MLM API for software-level integration with e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, delivery platforms, digital business card platforms, etc.

MLM Server Management & Maintenance

VYROX cyber-security team is the cyber-force which you can trust. We are preventing and defending the VYROX MLM systems from cyber-attacks, hacking activities, networking intrusions, etc since the first day of operations. We have formulated Malaysia MLM security algorithms and Malaysia MLM server management protocols based on our 10 years plus experiences to ensure 100% up-time the MLM systems which hosted with us.



To ensure that the program operates as efficiently and smoothly, our MLM software offers various administrative features.


With our MLM software, you can set the services and products based on the country. Options such as pricing, designs and registration can be set from a central location.

Member Points and Rewards

Built-in members reward and points system that allows the points gained by the members to be transferred to their e-wallet.

Member Report Stockist

You will be able to access and view detailed accounts on the members in real-time to manage the growth of the whole organization.

Stockist Report

Accounts that contains records such as stock distributor, stock list, sales execution and more can be accessed by the stockist once the report has been generated.


Allow members and stockists to conduct transactions safely on the web and store incentive, thus enhancing internet trade.


You can view the important part seperately via the billing details while the billing record will give the specifics of most of the sellers. Particulars of the billing information or from the posting record.


Being a PCI program, security is a must.


Notify the recent changes and update to your associates and members in an instant.


Can be utilised to communicate with personal contacts and also with business customers using SMS for real-time communicating.


Manage your inventory. You can update/remove product, set product's pricing, and commission value, set permission, upload pictures and more.

Website Replicator

A personalized self replicating website will be assigned to each member who joined your MLM, complete with a search engine friendly URL.


A recurring revenue generated for the organization and also commissional volume to your own providers.

Payment Gateway Integration

Our software offers a very secure payment gateways which can be used to conduct transactions such as a fee collection and e-commerce.

Shopping Cart/E-Commerce

Allows you to sell products and services to the public via the member's self replicating websites. Once an order was approved, commissions could be automatically deposited to the said member.

Great Support

Our support team are always available 24/7 for our MLM software customers. Contact us through e-mail.

Clean Interface & Easy to use

Our MLM software has clean UI, which ensure users an easy navigation experience to the user.

Web Based Management

Access the MLM software from any devices, ranging from smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets, as long as inteernet connection and a web browser is available.

Secure Authentication System

Two-step verification and captcha system are added to the login system to ensure a safe and secure system

Mobile Friendly

Compatible with all mobile devices as it adjusts automatically to the screen size.

Multilingual System

Allows user to change to the language of their choice for the MLM software.

Strong Backup System

A strong backup system that create backups regularly and store them in a secure enviroment.

Theme changing system

A heavily customizable layout that comes with a skin system which updates regularly for the user to choose and apply to their system.

Support/Ticket System

Allows user to resolve problems with our support team and take actions using tickets which comes with a tracking system.

Backend Caching Technology

Speed up the entire system using the advanced back-end caching technologies.

E-Mail System

Communicate between users, admins, sponsors through e-mail. Compose,receive or reply e-mails.

Supported MLM Plans

The Unilevel Plan

Used by several MLM companies as it is the fastest way for sponsors to gain income. There is no width limit on this plan due to the commission usually paid out equally at a specified level depth. Due to the ability to get output instantly, several MLM companies opted to apply this plan to their organization.


The StairStep Plan

Allows the distributor to have first level with unlimited width. Earnings are based on the volume generated by the organization. The level the company pays commission on usually consists of 3-9 levels deep. The main disadvantage from using this plan is that the distributor may give less help to his personal associates.


The Breakaway Plan

Used with the matrix plan. Once a team member reached a certain amount of qualification needed, they will break away from their current team. Once the team member broke away, the team will not receive the matrix payout on that team member or anyone within that matrix rank. Instead, the team will receive a lump sum of monthly commission of the entire volume for the breakaway unit.


The Board Plan

With the Board Plan, new members will be assigned to the bottom slot of the board. New members wil be assigned to the bottom slot from left to right in their followed sponsor in the respective board until the bottom slot is no longer available. The board will then split into two and the members will be seperated and re-assigned into a new board based on their sponsors. Those who made 2 sponsoring first will be placed on the top level. Those who are not sponsored will be completed in 3rd level in the priority of their joining sequence.


The Australian/Tri-Binary Plan

The Australian Binary Plan or Tri-Binary Plan, while looks similar, has one main difference. For Australian Binary, there are no matching required. For Tri-Binary however, payout matching is required.


The Forced Matrix Plan

The matrix is a computer-based plan. New members are gathered and inserted into your group, which will then be assigned to the next available slot by the computer. This plan type works well if there are a lot of members are recruited. Once you recruited a new member, the computer will search the organization for an available slot and assigns the new member to the next available slot. There are some plans that allows you to manually assign the members without the computer's selection.


The Generation Plan

The generation plan includes vatious levels of generation based on the category divided by the type of organizational regulations. The organization can categorize their members into several generation where each level get various compensations. As an example, assume the top level is the first generation, they will get 15% revenue and the next generation will receive 10% and so on. This plan is considered one of the best MLM plan as it suits the e-commerce based business as there are many users working on the network establishment from all over the world.



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